The next Council Election were announced. The assembly comes together on March the 29th to vote the new dormitory council.

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Due to an order of the Studentenwerk Oldenburg the council was dissolved. Further informations about the process coming soon.

As stated on the black board a supplement election was run through on the 12th of December 2019.

The following members were added:

- Laura Kruse
- Thomas Ihler
- Lukas Kliem
- Maik Wöhl

An election has been dropped because there were less candidates than seats.

Dear inhabitant,

our network is constantly changing. We have began over a half year ago to build up a new core server. Our old core server runs Debian Jessie (8.11) and its security updates were cancelled on the 17th of June 2018. Since then we had trouble to update our core server because the jump to Debian Buster (10.0), that was published on 6th of July 2019, has introduced major incompatibility issues with our administration tools.

The corona pandemic has cleared our schedules and we were able to get rid of all issues in the last half year. After several months of troubleshooting and hard work into late night we now can announce that the complex system of database, firewall and bandwith-management can go online!

Additionally we have build up a second database server to mirror our main database. Now we can provide a double-redundant networking system. And with the third server, that we've some weeks ago, we can build up a third-redundant system in the near future.

In consideration of the exams we will start the account transfers on the 1st of October 2020. Every saturday morning at 06:00 a.m. we will switch the core server for one floor (start at floor 1). At the end of October we should be finished. In the transfer time you can face bandwith issues, because our internet connection is not ment to be shared between two core servers. However we will distribute the available bandwith between the two core server in correlation to the amount of accounts.

Thank you for your trust.

Best regards,
your Networkteam

The network team has changed the network contract due to necessary changes of the security system in our network.

The changes are sent to the inhabitants per mail.